At the moment, I am generally interested in the algebra-coalgebra interactions found in computer science, but I am also interested in model theory and categories.


  • (02/2021) Guarded Kleene Algebra with Tests: Coequations, Coinduction, and Completeness, coauthored with Tobias KappĂ© and Dexter Kozen at Cornell University, and my supervisor Alexandra Silva at University College London. This was a follow-up to the original paper on GKAT, giving a final coalgebra semantics to both the original axiomatisation as well as an axiomatisation for GKAT without the early termination axiom. [To appear in ICALP 2021]
  • (12/2019) Concrete Barriers to Quantifier Elimination in Finite-Dimensional C*-algebras, coauthored with Christopher Eagle at the University of Victoria. This was the culmination of what was essentially an undergraduate thesis, funded by a Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award. [Appears in Mathematical Logic Quarterly]
  • Conferences

  • (03/2020) Topics in Category Theory: A Spring School in Edinburgh, UK. Poster session: Coalgebras, Covarieties, Coequations .


  • Toposes, Sets, and Cohen Forcing, a writeup of my masters' project, supervised by Stevo Todorcevic at the University of Toronto. It essentially follows the approach to proving the independence of the continuum hypothesis taken in the classic textbook Sheaves in Geometry and Logic by Saunders MacLane and Leke Moerdijk, but as simple as I could manage and with a number of peripheral comments.