Teaching mathematics is tricky; the reasons why certain forms of pedagogy work and others don't are rarely intuitive. So, as is usual for this type of situation, we should probably turn to science for answers. What immediately follows will soon turn into a list of scientific studies/articles about teaching mathematics.

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  • Current Teaching Positions

    I am currently a TA for Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (COMP0147) at University College London.

    Past Teaching Positions

    Teaching Assistant Positions:
  • (September 2019-April 2020) Calculus! (MATH137) at the University of Toronto
  • (January 2019-April 2019) Calculus II (MATH101) at the University of Victoria.
  • (January 2017-December 2018) Calculus III (MATH200) at the University of Victoria.
  • (September 2018-December 2018) Pre-Calculus (MATH120) at the University of Victoria.
  • (January 2017-April 2017) Calculus I (MATH100) at the University of Victoria.